The Castle of Ussé

Chinon – France – November 2018



Ussé Castle is one of the most famous castles in the Loire. In this article we go inside to discover its features by carefully checking the accessibility and weaknesses of one of the most beautiful castles in France.

The castle of Ussé,with its spires and turrets, dates back to the 15th century and over the centuries has undergone numerous structural changes such as the addition of a Gothic-style chapel dedicated to St. Anne and the wonderful gardens.
It is also one of the fewcastles in the Loire to have underground (visitable) prisons.
His beauty also kidnapped the writer Charles Perrault who would be inspired by Ussé Castle to write the famous fable of “Sleeping Beauty inthe Woods “, way back in 1697.

All around the main structure are the beautiful gardens at the French,organized on different terraces, made by the creator of the gardens of Versailles. Inside the gardens there are, as well as countless qualities of flowers, ancient citrus fruits that date back to the period before the revolution French.

Inside you can visit numerous rooms: from the guard room to the ” CentralGalerie “, inside which are preserved Flemish tapestries that tell the traditions of the time.



From the ground floor you can climb a ladder in typical Italian style door to the upper floor(not accessible to a disabled person in a wheelchair),where you will find the antechamber and the King’s room. Climbing a steep spiral staircase and strolling along the walkways, you can retrace the story of ” Sleeping Beauty in the Woods “,reconstructedinside some rooms visible from the outside. The whole castle d’Ussé is full of mannequins in period costumes that bring back to the ancient splendour or refer to the fairy tale: they may like it or not but they are one of the features that make the castle unique (really loved by children!)

The castle d’Ussé gives timeless emotions: the closer we get, the more we feel like we’re entering a children’s storybook. The writer Charles Perrault would have been inspired by this castle for the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty inthe Woods” from 1697.

The magical atmosphere that the castle offers to those who look at it from the outside, however, suffers a tremendous shock as soon as it crosses the threshold: the interiors are full of mannequins of doubtful taste that at first glance seem to be drning with the antique furnishings and with everything that the palace represents.
However, they are one of the features that make castle unique (as well as driving children crazy).

The real sore button of Ussé Castle are the obvious architectural barriers that make it impossible to fully visit a disabled person in a wheelchair.

I therefore do not want to visit those who have walking problems because there are numerous flights of stairs to make and not very comfortable passages to overcome.
Too bad!

Photos of the castle of Ussé


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