Majorelle gardens

Marrakech, Morocco • January 2016



Let’s discover one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, the Majorelle Gardens, which over the years has become a source of inspiration for Yves Saint Laurent

f today it is possible to visit and enjoy the Majorelle Gardens credit goes toJacques Majorellethe French artist who in the 1920s gave birth to this earthly paradise.
They were made open to the public in 1947 but underwent a decline when they were later abandoned (in 1962) due to Jacques Majorelle being transferred to France after a serious accident, where he eventually died.
Thanks to the famous Yves Saint Laurent (fashion designer) noted the beauty of these gardens and decided to buy the entire context in 1980, He was persuaded by the oasis of colours of Matisse mixed with the nature which was all around“.
He found in Majorelle Gardens a lot of his ispiration for his work,and when he died he chose to be buried there. When he eventually died in 2008 his ashes were thrown in the botanic rose garden.

Many people describe this place to a impressionist’s garden. others think of it as a garden of peace. And yet again, lots of other people are so fascinated by it that they continue dreaming about it after they have returned to Italy,due to its blue colouring, the “Majorelle blue” which they say is difficult to elimate from one’s mind.
What is certain about these
Majorelle gardensis that they give you the sensation of being in one of the corners of the city which remains there for ever and so you never forget your visit to Marrakech.
Walking in the shade of its plants, looking at all the different species and the knowledgeable way they have been planted, and where, in authentic areas following their similarities (exceptional for example the area where the cactus have been placed)makes your heart and mind beat with their beatifulness.
In the entire garden you are struck by the vivid sensation of peacefulness around you and the sounds of the various streams of water which run alongside these different plants.
Even the tourists are impressed and you imagine yourself in an atmosphere zen . You remain at peace with yourself especially if you have gone through very busy and tiring days before coming here, so you are physically stressed out and tired with walking about Marrakech.

To wander around these Mahorelle Gardens is one of the easiest possible walks and completely free of any barriers. The gardens are completely well kept, very clean and plenty of benches to sit down on and rest. You will find that your surroundings make you feel peaceful and you can really enjoy this part of your visit to Marocco.
Place absolutely to recommend!

Photos of the Majorelle gardens


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