An entire blog wouldn’t be enough to thank all the people who have helped me in these past years, believed in me and given me strength to go ahead with my project “Proprio in Gamba”: my parents, my friends, my colleagues and all the various people who stayed close to me during my complicated ‘path to life’ who permitted me to be what I am today; each and everyone of them merit an entire page but here I have preferred concentrating on those who gave me ideas, to those who helped me technically and those who together with me help me through each day.
A very big thank you for helping me to get so far.
The idea
I have very many pleasant memories of one particular afternoon in the Spring of 2015, when as I was coming out of work, I stopped to talk to two of my special work colleagues, Rosalba and Manuela, who as we were chattering told me to open up a blog which talked about travelling so I could try and help as many people as I could.
I remember vividly the following night. I couldn’t get to sleep thinking about what they had said and going over the things with an unexpected enthusiasm! They promised they would be my first fans in that blog and they kept their promise.
It gives me the greatest pleasure to thank them for their intuition that, in one way or another it changed my life!
Rebranding and realization
I asked and wanted strongly to help me with the project, Andy (visual and identity design) and Andrea (development and optimization) , especially with the project of structure and development of the new version of this site. Their enthusiasm when they replied was positive, and this enabled to start at once to create a team of workers and the result is for everybody to see today.
Their technical competence and their precious indication of strategy and marketing, which they gave me, enabled me to open a new site which is comunicative, modern, complete and easy to use.
Social media and contents
When finally the idea begins to grow and gets bigger and bigger, you realise what a joy it is to thank the person, who, together with me improves the outcome and makes it go ahead day by day. I’m talking of course of my wife Sonia.
Yes, it’s really her who follows me and my work with great attention especially the social parts of the project, going over with me the contents before I publicise and she proposes ways of improvement , ideas and the contents, which make these pages even more interesting. Without taking into account that she is by my side in everything I do, goes on every trip with me and helps to recuperate as much information as possible, so that I can use it and help each one of you. Without her help and her enthusiasm I would never have finished this blog and to her I dedicate a great big thank you for all she has done, does and will do always by my side.