Cejar Lagoon

Atacama – Chile – February 2015



The Cejar lagoon is an interesting place to visit just a few kilometres from San Pedro in Atacama. Let’s find out what it is and evaluate accessibility!

The Cejar Lagoon is nothing but an oasis of water that suddenly pops up in the middle of a salt desert.
This wonderful place from a naturalistic point of view is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations if you visit San Pedro of Atacama. This small lake is located in exactly the middle of one of Chile’s most striking regions where you can admire majestic mountains overlooking a landscape made white by the huge expanse of salt.

Thanks to its very high salinity in the Cejar lagoon it is possible to make unique baths in the world where you can experience the feeling of buoyancy without having to make the slightest effort.

Because of the high concentration of salt and lithium in the water, the Cejar Lagoon is often compared to the Dead Sea and the feeling of buoyancy (if you dare to take a swim in the icy waters of the lagoon…) is the same if not superior.

The towering mountains from the snowy peak surrounding the lagoon are a beauty to take your breath away and give very raremoments of contemplation.

Admission is paid.

TheCejar l aguna is located just under 20 km south of San Pedro de Atacama. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the lagoon by taxi or bus from the city centre.

The convenient outdoor parking and the fact that the lagoon is also accessible to a wheelchair-bound disabled person makes the excursion advisable to everyone.

On site there are also showers to remove the high concentration of salt that accumulates after a bath.

Some considerations: the entrance fee is not particularly cheap for a short stay (there are no interesting things to do or see in the area).
There are no facilities for entry into the water for a disabled person with physical limitations.

In my view, this place is mainly due to the surrounding landscape where the blue and green water mix perfectly with the white of salt, the pink of the flamingos and the black of the Chilean tagua.

Consider spending money on a quick(and particularly cold)bath and for a view that can also be seen for free…

Photos of the Cejar lagoon


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