Bahia Palace

Marrakech, Morocco • January 2016



The Bahia Palace is a palace in Marrakesh considered a masterpiece of traditional Moroccan architecture. Place accessible to all? Let’s find out.

The Bahia Palace it is one of the most beautiful places in all Marrakech.
The Bahia Palace was built not long ago (the second half of the 19th century) to satisfy the wishes of the Gran Visir Dar Si Moussa and was continued later by his son Ba Ahmed following the traditional architecture of the Riad, which is a typical Marrocon house.
This Palace is considered one of the most important storicalRiad in the entire Imperial capital, both in terms of architecture and also for its large size.
To go inside, it is necessary to cross its external garden which acts almost as a buffer between the caos of the Medina and the peace that reigns supreme inside the Palace. A magnificent contrast.
Once you have entered into the Bahia Palace it is easy to be stunned by this labyrinthine structure with rooms that unfold in a really intricate way. An architectural anomaly that is explained by the continuous changes in the construction phases that have taken place over the years and not to make the meeting between the wife and the multiple concubines as difficult as possible, as someone claims.

The oldest part , Dar si Moussa, consists of a courtyard where you can see growing cypresses, oranges and bananas, and also the many fountains here and there. We can see clearly before us the part of the Palace less filled with decorations and riches.
On the other hand it is in the most recent part of the Palace, which was finished by the son of the Visir Ba Ahmed where we can see the use made of arababesque and motif decorations, creating an opulent and sumptuous aspect in this area.

All the rooms nowadays are empty , due to the continual robberies usually made by the many different Ba Ahmed, especially after his death. They stole almost everything that the Palace possessed.

A great pity.

One of the most famous parts of this Palace is certainly the Harem of Concubines a splendid room with rich pavingstones and wooden pillars in the gallery, all inlaid and with calligraphic engravings. The concubine lived in its large courtyard, 30 metres long and 50 metres wide. In the centre there was a large rectangular fountain with a smaller round bowl, then a third one of which there is only the basement left.

Why are there fireplaces in this heat?

In some of the rooms there are large fireplaces , made of Marble bricks it seems, but in reality they are only an additional colonial accessory ordered by french general Lyautey, who suffered the cold climate in Marrakech

Everything is perfectly accessibility in Bahia Palaceand grounds whether you have a handicap or whether you are in a wheelchair. There are no problems in getting about this place.
Only some of the rooms have a few steps to go up and the most important rooms to visit are very easy to go inside.

Photo of the Bahia Palace


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