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Is it better to give it up? Don’t try to guess the answers and don’t loose heart. Trust me!  A person who has to superate my disability every day.
Vietnam accessibile

Vietnam accessibile

IN BREVE11 giorni / 10 notti  (escluso volo aereo)con o senza PIGMin 4 / Max 14 PartecipantiDimmi di piùVietnam accessibile: un viaggio organizzato alla scoperta del Vietnam più autentico .Dalla stretta collaborazione fra Proprio In Gamba e Clup Viaggi nasce il...

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Safari in South Africa

Safari in South Africa

LET'S TALK ABOUTSafari in South Africa: a mandatory experience if you visit the African country. The only country in the world where not only can you see the Big 5 even the Big 7. Here is my experience with some useful tips to make the most of this emotion.Taking a...

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